Meeting Minutes for Feb 1, 2002

Minutes from Feb 1, 2002

Subject: Minutes of February 1, 2002 Prairie Board Meeting.
2-01-2002   Prairie Board Meeting Minutes

To all Board members and interested persons:

Present at meeting of 2-01-2002:  Mary Kay Solecki, Brett Barnhart, Fran Harty, Scott Reifsteck, Pat. Barnhart, John McMcMahon (lawyer), and Donald Barnhart on phone.  Amber Barnhart was absent.

The first order of business was to nominate and vote in Scott Reifsteck as a new board member.  Next, Brett Barnhart was nominated and voted in as the new president of the board.  That makes Brett both president and treasure.

Mary Kay Solecki gave everyone a copy of all the seeds collected by Jim Zimmerman.  A total of 126.8 lbs.  71.5 lbs of Forbs and55.3 lbs. of grass.   It was moved and seconded and voted in to pay Jim another $100 to clean seeds $10/ hour for 10 hours..  Mary Kay e-mailed everyone a set of amended by-laws.

John McMahon gave everyone a copy of form 1023 with an attachment to be filled out. Brett agreed to fill in the financial information.  John said his normal fee is $100/ hour.  IIRS says it takes 68 hours to make up this form.  John says he did in fact put in many hours on the form.  John is charging the Prairie project $1500 for this form.    John said there will also be a filing fee.   Next week John and Brett will get together.  Fran made motion, Pat seconded, all voted to accept John's bill and paid them.

Brett and Terry will get together on amount of money and expenses in the prairie account.  Chemicals for spraying prairie $864,85.  Fran moved, Leon second, all agreed to pay.  Leon will send Brett the files for more prairie land application.

$1000 has been allotted for purchasing  seed from Dave Monk.  This still has to be looked into.

Donald presented a map of new land to be put into prairie,   It was agreed to change the purposed map and just start filling in land along the East edge of the existing prairie.

There was a discussion of how to get seed drilled.   The method used depends on the seed and how clean it is.  Mary Kay offered to  moist stratify the seed.  Everyone agreed and appreciated her doing this.

Leon says, Ken needs a copy of liability insurance policy.  The Soil and Water Conservation District will be on it as insured.

They also need a written lease of the farm ground.  Leo will bring a copy of a lease to Brett.  They need a copy of the bi-laws.  Brett will meet with Terry about the accounts.

Donald plans to be here for the May planting.

There was a discussion on the sign.  Jim Zimmerman has a hawk sign that Brett liked, Brett will sent us pictures.

The next meeting will Friday March 1,2002 at 1:00 PM at Wolfram Research Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30PM
Respectfully submitted by Pat. Barnhart secretary


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