Meeting Minutes for November 2, 2001

Dear Board members:
Present at meeting of 11-2-01
Mary Kay Solecki, Brett Barnhart, Fran Harty, Scott Reifsteck, Pat Barnhart, and Don Barnhart by phone.
Absent: Amber Barnhart Scott Reifsteck was present as the replacement for Gary Parker.  Meeting started at 1:00 PM with a phone call from Donald.

Jim Zimmerman has used the allotted money gathering seed.  The question came up if we need to pay Jim or someone to break up the seed. It was agreed to pay Jim to break up the seed for the amount of $300.00.
Mary Kay has bags of seed.  Grasses are very unclean. Mary Kay passed out sheets telling what seeds have been collected.  near 80 lbs. Forbs and 38 lbs. grasses.

Talked about doing a fall planting now.  Decided to do all the planting in the spring.  Plant 10 acres next to original one.  Area along N. road big enough until we can make it look good.  Border N. area where planted, st. boundery on West go all way N-S on West.  Plant again along N. road. Use No till drill in existing prairie. Agreed by everyone.

Talked about making propogation plots for spring flowers that are low growing.  Mary Kay will pick out some seeds we need to grow separately.  Talked about planting in green house and transplanting.  Decided against this as transplant living rate very low unless you irrigate.

Decided we did not need our own cleaning system as no one cleans Forb seeds by machinery.  We need to hand clean the Forbs, ask Jim for a bid.   Mary Kay said Prairie Ridge would do it for us.  Fran will call Scott and Terry to see if they will do it.

Brett will ask Dave Smith to stake off 10 acres plus 3 acres along road to plan next spring.

Next meeting Thursday December 20, 2001 a lunch at Silver Creed at 1:00 PM.

Adjourned meeting 2:05 PM

Submitted by Pat. Barnhart secretary.

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