Meeting Minutes for January 3, 2001

Barnhart Prairie Board Meeting
January 3, 2001 at 11:00 AM Wolfram Research Conference Room
Present: John McMann attorney, Fran Harty; Pat Barnhart, Mary Kay Solecki, Brett Barnhart, and Donald Barnhart by phone.
Absent: Amber Barnhart and Gary Parker

John Mcmann took charge of the meeting as the corroborator of the organization. The members voted to approve the by-laws and constitution as presented by John McMann.

The following officers were elected.

Pat Barnhart nominated Gary Parker for president, seconded by Fran Parker. Mary Solecki nominated Pat. Barnhart for secretary seconded by Fran Harty. Fran Harty nominated Brett Barnhart treasure, seconded by Mary Solecki. All officers were elected unanimously. So the officers are Gary Parker president, Pat. Barnhart secretary, and Brett Barnhart treasurer. John McMann had everyone present sign a restitution of officers, by-laws, constitution, and opening a checking account. John asked if anyone was doing a tax report for the year 2000. Donald suggested talking to Chuck Yettke, his accountant about what needs to be done. Brett said he was check into the income tax situation.

Mary Kay asked about getting the seeds cleaned. She has heard of a person who had the machinery and does clean prairie seed as a profession. It was agreed that Mary Kay should go ahead and ask about the seed cleaning cost and if she judges it desirable have the seed cleaned. Mary Kay suggested there be a swapping of seed between the Barnhart Prairie and the Workman Wildlife Habitant and Phil Hult Prairie North of Mahomet. It was agreed she should go ahead and do what seems best to her.

Mary Kay has seed in her refrigerator being cold stratified; however she has no more room for more seed. It was suggested that she contact Dean Rose to see if he has room in his shop refrigerator for some seed. Mary Kay and Brett Barnhart will contact Dean Rose.

Their was a general discussion about how many acres are to be planted each year and what seeds to plant. Maybe 5 acres the first year then 10 acres for several years. No decision was reached on definate plans. There was a discussion as whether the planting should have a mixture of seeds or if should try to keep a plot with just one kind of plant. No decision was reached.

John McMahon will continue to work on the 501c3 application.

It was decided we would meet again on the last Friday in February which is February 23 at 1:00 PM at Wolfram.

The meeting was adjourned.

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