Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2001

The Barnhart/Grove Prairie Board Meeting was held on June 8, 2001.

Present: Brett Barnhart, Pat Barnhart, Mary Kay Solecki, Donald Barnhart via phone, and Loren Kirkwood

Absent: Gary Parker,Chairman, Fran Harty, and Amber Barnhart.

The meeting started with Donald's phone call at 1:05.

Mary Kay reported she had e-mailed Smith about planting. He said it was OK for another couple of weeks.

It was decided to plant seeds in plots so we can harvest them in the future. We will do plots for next year's planting season. The seeds we want this year are Little Blue Stem, rattlesnake master, and big blue stem. We want to put showy forbes along the road. Make plots away from the road.

Loren Kirkwood showed us four drawing he had made of possible signs to put on the prairie. Brett is going to put the sign designs on the web so everyone can give Loren feed back.

Franklin ground squirrels were found on the prairie. They were trapped and Mary Kay saw them.

After some discussion, we agreed to hire Dave Monk to gather seeds now from June plants. Brett will talk to Dave Monk and Jim Zimmerman to see if they have time now to gather seeds. We would like a vote from all the board members about paying Dave Monk for up to $500 to gather seeds and up to $500 for Jim Zimmerman.

Pat was to talk to Amber about having Barbara Barnhart represent her on the board. Pat has, Amber feeels she will be able to be present at least by phone and would like to remain her own representive. Pat is to show the sign designs to Barbara Barnhart for her input. Pat hasn't done this yet.

Next meeting will be in August.

Metting was adjorned.

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