Meeting Minutes for December 9, 2000

Members present: Gary Parker, Mary Kay Solecki, Bret Barnhart, Pat Barnhart, Fran Harty, and Don Barnhart by phone.
Guest present: John McMamm
Members Absent: Amber Barnhart

Topics Discussed:
1. Gary discussed setting up a checking account at Bank Illinois. A small business checking account will require a $300 minimun balance and allow 30 transactions per month. Need a tax id. #. John will get the id. # to Gary. Brett and Gary will co-sign checks. Gary received the cash rent check for $3700. $9,967 will be coming from the state. It was suggested the project have a money market account at Bank Illinois on the side to draw interest on money not currently committed in excess of $300. Jim Zimmerman is to be paid $550 for his work in gathering seeds.

2. Gary says we need a plan of work. Donald had a plan outlined. It will be further discussed and decided upon next month.

3. By-Laws- John and Gary discussed amending the By-Laws Gary had writted. They need term of trustees. Gary will revise and resend constitution & By-Laws and take an electric Vote on them.

4. Need Chairman, Secretary, and Treasure. It was decided to elect these at the January meeting.

5. Next month plan of work.
a. Articles of corporation
b. Consitution/By-Laws
c. Election of officers

6. Where to obtain a drill was discussed. Fran can get one free

7. $9967 from the state has to be used for prairie restoration. Project can pay for seed cleaning

8. Where is the planting of new prairie to be located? It was decided to plant the new prairie where it has been plowed because it was in grass last year. We voted on this and it was approved.

10. Grass seed is presently in Mary Kay's garage. She needs help in getting the seed cleaned. It was suggested she pay Jim Zimmerman clean the seed. Mary Kay will research the price and availability of mills or something to clean the seed.

11. Fran will talk to Stu about what to do about the seeds. Do they need to be exposed to the cold? Mary Kay gave Fran a copy of the obtained seeds.

12. Donald will talk to Loren Kirkwood about a sign design and construction. Gary suggested it the sign have all three names on it.

13. Discussion on whether to have plots or mixed prairie planting?

14 Gary comments any new prairie easements need to be into Springfield by Feb. He needs to know of these easements soon.

Fran motioned the meeting be adjoined, Brett 2nd and we all said aye.

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