Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2011

Meeting Minutes for Jan 12, 2011

I. Meeting called to order by Donald Barnhart at 10:00 A.M.

II. Attendees were:

a. Donald Barnhart, Jamie Ellis, Scott Reifsteck
b. Guest were: Jonathon Manuel

III. Donald asked for agenda items:

a. Parking Lot
b. Prairie Burn
c. Video Documentary / Seed Diary
d. Wind Turbine
e. Next Board Meeting

IV. Parking Lot

The Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District Staff have put in for an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Grant for the parking lot area. The estimated total cost for the project would be $44,460. The District is asking for 75% from the IEPA which would be $33,345. The rest we would hope that we can come up with thru donations. The staff is also trying to find ways to keep the parking lot area natural looking one sample is to use a product made by Soil Retention. We like the product called “Drivable Grass” found at this website: Scott Reifsteck suggested that we check with Renee Lo about some rocks just South East of the Prairie to see if we may have them to use as a natural fence on the parking area.

V. Prairie Burn

Jamie Ellis, Brought a very nice Burn Plan (attached) for the Boards approval. The plan would be to burn the South West 39 acres. Scott Reifsteck made the motion to approve the plan, Donald Barnhart seconded the motion, motion passed.
a. Joe Rothermel may have a large tank that he would be willing to donate to The Prairie this spring. Jonathon Manuel will try and work on getting one of the hay racks ready for it.
b. Jamie also let The Board know that he flushed up about 15 Pheasants on his short walk around on Monday.

VI. Video Project

They have gotten a lot of great footage, with a borrowed HD camera. Several interviews with Jim Zimmerman, Donald Barnhart, Dave Monk, and they even have a sunrise over the Prairie. They still would like to get more interviews form the ladies of the family. Editing has just begun. Amber has donated $2000 to the video project.

VII. Wind Turbine

Jamie Ellis attended the public meeting on December 16th about the wind farm. He feels that the current plan should not have an effect on the prairie.
Donald envisions some sort of connection (human pathway) from Meadowbrook Park to the Prairie Project, and maybe the wind turbines could be used as some sort of leverage to get that project done since the pathway would go through the same section.

VIII. Next Board meeting

Next Board meeting was set for June 17th at 11:00 A.M. for a picnic lunch at the Barnhart House on the prairie.

IX. Meeting adjourned at 11:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by:
Jonathon Manuel

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