Meeting Minutes for October 17, 2000

Present: John McMann, Gary Parker, Mary Kay Solecki, Brett Barnhart, Pat Barnhart, and Don Barnhart by phone.
Absent: Fran Harty and Amber Barnhart

Topics and discussions.
Mary Kay gave a summary of prairie seed she and Jim Zimmerman have collected to date. She commented it was late to gather big blue stem so they only harvested 21 lbs. The strippers worked well. Mary Kay is storing the seed in her garage. She is going to check further if the seed needs to be stratificated and if so how to do this. Brett mentioned Dean Rose has a refrigerator she might get if it is needed.

The goal of the prairie project is to restore prairie to its original landscape, to provide a seed bank for local genetics, to provide a place where people can go to see and experience original prairie.

The question came up where to locate the seed bank and it was decided to leave the decision until later as the seed would not be planted until spring.

John Mcmann said he has sent the articles for corporation to the state to be filed, when it returns he will file it with the county. The By-Laws need to be set up to free the corporation of taxes, article 401(c)(3) guidelines. John will do this. Gary is going to work on the by-laws and send everyone a copy.

Status of U.of I. looks like it will be 8 years before U.of I is interested in obtaining this property. Mean while the prairie can be develoiped so it meets the requirements for a nature preserve.

Taxes. Mary Kay has a form to be filled out and sent to the County assessor for re-evaluating the land for tax purposes. 1/6 of fair market value used as the tax base. Brett will get with Mary Kay to do this.

Gary will get 5 forms to be filled out to have more land put into prairie Project.

Discussion of remaining $10,000 and what to use it for and possibility of buying a drill. Mary Kay will price drills.

Talk to Loren Kurtwood about drawing a project sign.

Next meeting December8, 2000 1:00 PM Wolfram Research Office in Champaign.

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