Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2002

These are the minutes of the April 19, 2002 Board Meeting.

Present: Mary Kay, Brett, Pat, and Donald by phone:

Mary Kay suggested that in the future we contract with JIM Zimmerman to clean and put seed in the ground.  We talked about the corridor between the two prairies and weed management.

We discussed whether to have the seed professionally cleaned or to clean it ourselves.  Mary Kay said Jim did screen clean the seed.  Long narrow pieces go thru the screen.  Forbe seeds. we were unable to clean.  We need to do more with the grass seed.

Fran voted to not have Bill clean the seed as takes to long.

It was decided to spread the forbes and grasses at the same time.  In the future we will plant in the fall.  Discussed the book "Practical Guide to Prairie Reconstruction " by Carl Kurtz..  It was decided to get six copies for everyone.  Pat was to order the copies from Pages For All Ages.  (I did order them and have them to give out at Friday's meeting)

We discussed how to get the seed planted and when to plant it.  Brett will check with fertilizer company about using their spreader.

Fran and Mary Kay suggested we plant more acreage each year.  Pay Jim Z. and an assistant to gather seed in spring.  Jim Z. will be responsible for collecting, storage and cleaning.

Mary Kay asked Jim to come up with a way for us to pay him.  Perhaps $/lb. of seed.  Donald thinks it is a value to plant over a period of several years to get variety.

Discussed how the University buying the land might affect the prairie project.

A motion was made to purchase cleaned seed from Jim Z.  The amount and cost to be determined.  Gather seed starting in spring, plant in fall and winter.  Target ratio is 1/2 forbes and 1/2 grasses.  200 lbs. per year-approximately 10 acres or more each year.

Mary Kay had native grass seed to be broken up to be spread.  Mary Kay will take the seed to Jim to be cleaned.

Buying a refrigerator was discussed.  Pat had presented the price for Roper at Lowes . 20 cu ft $497 and 18 cu. ft. $347/  For now we will use May Kay's

basement and Theo's refrigerator.  Pat will see if Lowe's will deliver an 18 cu. ft. refrigerator to Theo's house after the auction tomorrow when Brett will check to see if any used refrigerators are up for sale.  Pat's decision whether to get 18 or20 cu. ft.  (Pat has not done this)

FEIM - No tax.  Non profit  organization.  John and Brett have sent in all the papers for FEIM.

Brett needs a way to check amount of money in the prairie account.  Brett will e-mail Dave to not mow more than once a month and to not mow lower than 8".

Eric Smith will coordinate with Brett for a planting date.  Divide seed so it will cover everything.

Mary Kay will check with Eric and Fran about working the soil.  Mary Kay will let Brett know. Brett gave Dave a map of where to plant.

Adjourn 2:00 PM.  Next meet May 30 at 1:00 PM.

Submitted by Pat. Barnhart Secretary of the Board.


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