Meeting Minutes for Nov 04, 2013

Meeting Minutes for Nov 04, 2013

Barnhart Prairie Board Meeting

Monday 11-4-2013, 12:30 p.m.

I. Members Present

  1. Board Members: Pat Barnhart, Amber Barnhart, Donald Barnhart and Jamie Ellis
  2. Staff: Jonathon Manuel and Bruce Stikkers

II. Minutes from last meeting were distributed

III. Financial Report:

  1. Balance at Philo Exchange Bank $3,650.90
  2. $10 check written for state government filing fee

IV. Old Business

  1. Video Update: A significant amount of video footage has been collected and the board agreed that completing a video that could be posted on YouTube would be a helpful promotion of the site. The video could also be used as a gift in fundraising efforts. Amber will locate the files and she has a connection to a videographer who could suggest someone who might edit the video as a volunteer project or at low cost to us. Donald also has a possible lead on help for the project.
  2. Mulberry and other invasive removal: Bruce Hannon was unable to do much this summer, but Grand Prairie Friends interns did some teasel and sweet clover removal. Bruce Stikkers sprayed thistle patches. The teasel will need to be addressed in the future to keep it from spreading. Grand Prairie Friends interns can do this work next summer.
  3. Prescribed Burning: Jonathon submitted for a new IEPA burn permit and the board agreed to do a burn in the spring of 2014 on the SW quadrant of the site. This area was last burned in 2011. This would keep us on an optimal burning schedule for the site.
  4. Seed Collection: The rules for nature preserves prohibit seed harvesting and removal, but the Champaign County Forest Preserve District collected seed on the non-nature preserve areas for use on their Tomlinson Cemetery site.
  5. Parking Area: The grant request from IDNR was not funded and the board agreed to scale back the request to a U-shaped drive that was wide enough to park a bus and a few cars. This would minimize costs and be quite adequate for our modest parking needs. The site could also be used for parking for burn crews. An IDNR grant for this reduced scope project will be applied for next spring.
  6. Equipment: All equipment is now in working order and available for project needs.
  7. Mowing: Mowing of fire breaks will be done to keep the breaks at a minimum width until shortly before a burn. The nature preserve rules do not allow regular paths through a site.

V. New Business:

  1. Cicadas: There are 6 species of Prairie Cicadas, but little is known about them. Most seem to have 3-year dormancy cycles. They prefer to lay eggs in the stem of Gray-Headed Coneflower by cutting a notch in the stem. They are common in nearby prairie sites, so introducing them to our site is not seen as a concern. A permit would be necessary to do it on Nature Preserve property, so it will only be none in non-designated areas. The site can be used for research on them in the future if funding becomes available to University of Illinois staff.
  2. Wildlife Camera: Jonathon purchased a wildlife camera and had it out taking sequential shots off the corner post of the CCSWCD property. More will be done with it in the future to record events at the site.
  3. Website: Amber will try to get the password/login information from Brett and Jonathon will see if we have the expertise to make updates, if not provides assistance for drag and drop websites that are user friendly.

VI. Next meeting- March 2014, exact date TBD.

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