Meeting Minutes for August 23, 2000

Participants: Donald Barnhart, Brett Barnhart, Fran Harty, Mary Solecki, Gary Parker

Items Discussed:

1. The meeting started with a general discussion about the project. This discussion covered location, general purpose, time frames, etc..

2. Collection of native Big Bluestem seeds - this was a fairly lengthy discussion; it was decided to start this fall to collect Big Bluestem seeds from within a 25 mile radius of the project for use in establishing a nursery next Spring. Mary Solecki offered to contact the Lincoln Challenge project to arrange for this labor in carrying out this activity. Mary will also identify the collection sites.

3. Identification of Local Prairie Plant Sites - The Champaign SWCD will be asked to assist in working with landowners who may have prairie remnants on their property. The goal would be to ask these landowners to leave the sites unmowed so that seeds could be collected. Gary will discuss this with Leon Wendte.

4. Status of Remaining $12,000 in DNR grant - Gary will determine the status of these funds.

5. Creation of Nonprofit Corporation - Brett will contact a lawyer to determine the steps which need to be taken to set up a nonprofit corporation to manage the activities of the project and to administer any funds of the project. Gary will determine if any of the DNR grants funds can be used to pay costs associated with this effort.

Next Meeting: September 29 at 1PM at the Wolfram Corporation

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