Meeting Minutes for Febuary 23, 2001

Present: Fran Harty, Gary Parker- chairman, Brett Barnhart, Pat Barnhart, Loren Kirkwood, and Donald Barnhart by phone.
Absent: Mary Kay Solecki and Amber Barnhart

Gary reported on the checking account. $1,750 expense for seeding, $351.65 legal fees in excess of grant, and Jim Zimmerman $430. Balance $5,358.60.

Additional grant applications are ranked high. There is a need to put the three along the road together in one grant. Keep Donald's separate, lump it with Amber's other grant. Leave Pat's separate.

Loren will be doing design for a sign. Loren suggested that David Monk might physically make the sign. Loren will design the sign and David will make it. Sign will say Barnhart - Grove Prairie Restoration Project. Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources,Champaign County Soil and Water Conservation District. Loren will design a Barnhart Logo. Use wood material, sand blasting around letters. Loren's fee $200 - $300 total for the design. Make the sign something that can be easily replaced. Loren will decide on size. On the East side of Windsor & Neil North side of railroad track the is a sign to look at for ideas.

Mary Kay seed cleaning. Seed will be planted in the area plowed. Fran says Eric will plant the seed.

Discussion of burning the prairie. It needs to happen within a couple of months. Brett knows some people who would like to help. Fran can help with the burn anytime in March. Eric and Fran will do the burn.

May do some herbicide application. Fran will get together a fire plan. Next meeting we will discuss identifying collection sites. Invite Dave Monk to the next meeting for ideas on collection sites.

Ken Kessler would like to treat the board to a lunch when everyone can be here.

Next meeting, March 30 1:00 PM at Wolfram.

Fran will notify us when the burn will take place.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Barnhart, Secretary.

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