Meeting Minutes for May 30, 2002

Board members and other interested parties,

Mary Kay & others, the refrigerator was delivered to Theo's house on Wednesday, 6-05-02.  Jim had a place cleared for it, it should be ready to use.  Given how hot it is today, you probably need it.  It is a Sears refrigerator with no freezer compartment.  Total cost $518. 74.  Tax was $33.75 sorry I don't have our number for buying tax free.  Delivery was $35 and we got $50 off for using my Sears credit card.  The actual cost of the refrigerator was $499. 99 for a 16 ft.  $499.99 - $50 credit + $35 delivery+33.75 tax at 07.500% = $518.74

The May 30th meeting was held on the Barnhart/Grove prairie at 1:00 PM.
Present:  Donald, Mary Kay, Fran, John, and Pat.

It was again discussed and agreed to for Jim Zimmerman to be paid for lb. of seeds collect that month.  Clean, dry seed.  Pay same amount we paid last year.

Pat. do get the refrigerator.

Next meeting last Friday, August 30th, 2002 at 1:00 PM at Wolfram


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